WeSC Sitar Marshmallow Headphones

These are cool on a couple levels. First off, they look amazing. Second, they are manufactured by WeSC. WeSC stands for WeAreTheSuperlativeConspiracy, a Stockholm-based streetwear manufacturer that gears its wares toward "intellectual slackers." The collective bases its designs on the skateboarding subculture (which I think is probably true of all streetwear designers, but whatever), but is developing their brand within a "life after skate" philosophy which means you can rock their stuff and not look like the groms at the skatepark.

WeSC has men's and women's collections as well as the headphones and some accessories all available for perusal on their website, which I must say is one of the best I've seen for browsing through a company's product line. The Sitar Marshmallow Headphones retail for $120 and you can get them here.
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These are on Target! Get these off of your blog!