Everlast x Nintendo Wii Boxing Gloves

Oh hell yes. This collaboration between Nintendo and boxing equipment manufacturer Everlast is just what the doctor ordered. Not since the monumental failure of the Power Glove has the gamer had the opportunity to actually throw a punch and see the results on screen. While I haven't been able to find any in-stock for myself, Toys R Us has email notification for when they become available.

There is no substitute for some old school Punch Out, but since that appears to be a pipe dream for the Wii, you will have to make do with Wii Sports, Showtime Championship Boxing, or Victorious Boxers: Revolution.

These babies retail for $30 a pair, so $60 for two pairs, which is a little steep in my humble opinion, but hey, they look pretty realistic, so if things don't go your way in-game, you can just pivot and drop your opponent in real life!
via NYT

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